These articles were written for Origami Tanteidan magazine, under the title “Afternoon Origami”, from issue 91 (June 2005) to issue 102 (April 2007).

All articles are high quality pdfs and are formatted for printing, so they may take a few moments to download.

Masu step

Masu Matrioshki

The story of the design of a new origami version of the traditional wooden Japanese measuring box.

Hungarian folding and folk songs

Israel Diary March 2005

Brill’s Balrog

Correia: an appreciation

Making friends with the Mitra

Origami Idols and Ideals

An encounter with the master

The legacy of Akira Yoshizawa

BOS past present and future (for Tanteidan magazine 166, November 2017)

Other articles for British Origami magazine

The Longest Origami Train (2003)

The Master’s Touch: a study of some of the techniques used by Akira Yoshizawa (1999)

Akira Yoshizawa 88th Birthday exhibition Tokyo 1999

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