Some obscure unit pieces

Here are a few little known unit items of mine. They still please me, even many years after they were finished.

DB Concave dodechedron

  1. Concave Dodecahedron (2010)

From 8 x A6 rectangles, divided into thirds with diagonals added: you can probably work out the folding of the units. But the assembly demands patience and dexterity. Assia succeeded finishing this where I had failed.

See these links about the Concave Dodecahedron.

This origami version formed part of this series:

DB WB Dodec

  1. Waterbombic Dodecahedron (1986)

From 3 strips, each is one half of A4 (cut lengthwise).

If a “waterbomb” base equivalent is made from a silver rectangle using corner-to -corner diagonals, a square based pyramid results. Try it!

I’ve used this concept in lots of designs, including some recent flexicube variants and an unpublished Christmas decoration, but the Waterbombic Dodecahedron was the first.

I found some unauthorised versions of the diagrams online, so I thought I’d provide you with the official set:

Waterbombic Dodecahedron

DB woven cube

  1. Woven Cube (1992)

Folded and woven from six strips, I think, using diagonals made in 2×1 sections along each strip. No diagrams exist and I can’t really remember how I did it, but the results are satisfying, in textured watercolour paper.