Chickens to Guinea-pigs?

Chickens to Guinea-Pigs?
Origami Tanteidan Kansai convention, Takatsuki, March 5-6 2016

Origami conventions are great wherever they are, but especially in Japan! Even better if you are a Special Guest, as I was, in Takatsuki this March.

I agreed to teach two designs, and to give a lecture in return for this wonderful invitation. Arriving in Tokyo on 2 March, I spent a day acclimatising, before travelling to Kyoto with my old friend Makoto Yamaguchi. We set up exhibits and the bookshop, while some 120 delegates arrived at the Takatsuki meeting hall on the opening day. After registration, I taught a new chicken design, although the folding sequence isn’t yet clear! So I hope my students didn’t feel too much like guinea-pigs… Nonetheless, some managed better results than me, so my admiration goes to my talented students.

My lecture on Sunday morning described my exploration of Yoshimoto Cubes and related moving origami. Grateful thanks to Koichi Tateishi for his spontaneous translation for the lecture, and for both my classes. The second of these was a Triangle Flexicube, which over-ran its 1 hour slot, but once again I saw several successful results later.

Many lasting memories remain:

Sho-chu and tomato juice (or Japanese Bloody Mary?)


A toast with Makoto Yamaguchi

Spectacular snowcapped Fuji-san, enroute to Kyoto.


Fuji-san from the road

Meeting old convention friends: (Maekawa, Kawasaki, Yamanashi, Hatori etc…)-


Convention reception. L-R: Hatori, Matsuura, Yamaguchi, Tateishi.

Discovering new talent: (Hagiwara and Hashimi etc…)


Gen Hagiwara teaches


Hitoshi Hashimi sets up.

Early cherry blossom at Ryoanji and Sanjusangendo.


Ryoanji Cherry blossom


Ryoanji rock garden

Post convention days in Nagano prefecture.


Shionokai pano.

Trying dry-point etching with Taro Toriumi.


Etching attempts


Tomoko with her mother

Bravo Kansai folders, and thank you, JOAS/Tanteidan!