Folding still doesn’t damage your health

Brill Cigs1(1)Brill Cigs

These diagrams emerged from Mick Guy’s archives last year:  they date from 1975, so please excuse their poor quality.  They were nothing more than rough sketches made for Robert Harbin’s Origami 4, the last origami paperback he wrote for Hodder, published in 1977. I was immensely proud to have my work published here: I was then a fledgeling designer, only having met enthusiasts  a couple of years earlier at my first BOS convention in 1975.

This scene followed which I called Folding doesn’t damage your health. Better drawings featured in Brilliant Origami.

masu and doesn't damage

A recent request for a simple practical box which could be opened and closed led me to revisit the cigarette packet: for simplicity I decided that a multi piece approach was better, and I had fun perfecting the new version. Unlike the first version, this comes without contents: so you’ll probably want to use it for some less controversial purposes…


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