Not so Brilliant horses…

With the vast selection of pictures available from stock image sites comes an increase of unauthorised interpretations of copyrighted work. Maybe I should see this as flattery, particularly when the derivative item is attractive. But there remain feelings of bad manners, injustice and dishonesty, particularly when it is a commercial activity. In one case, I was exasperated to read these words from the the small print of one retailer:  “… we get upset when someone tries to copy the style we have worked hard to create.


Horse and Dog

Of course, you can have your very own version of a certain horse, thanks to the diagrams from this page! If you’d like a fully authorised original folded example, something like the one above, please contact me, and I’m sure we can do business…

Here are a selection of unauthorised versions.

Bus (Update 5 Jan ’17)

Stock Images












Sean Penn with full supporting cast (The Gunman 2015)