Tippers and Stars

Long periods of inactivity punctuate my origami explorations. Often these are broken when something intriguing catches my eye: last week I spotted Tine Blasek’s recent work which she called “stars-stars-stars”.


Made from 60 units folded from squares, I was fascinated by the the arrangement of diamond shapes, apparently following classic origami geometries. I was reminded of the classic Magic Tipper by Takegawa  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cizUatFpK0A

This was all very stimulating: a few days’ research eventually achieved this version:

Double Tipper Ball

Looks like Tine’s, but on first comparison the overall shape seems different, and the new version appears larger than the original.  30 units are used to show both colour sides of the paper, and the completed ball is stronger than expected. I used white/yellow origami paper for simplicity, but the colour arrangement is rather random: I couldn’t work out a logical scheme! At least all the 5-unit clusters have 2 colours, but some of the triangular holes have either all white or all yellow boundaries.

From the following pictures I’m sure you can work out how to fold and connect the units.

Double Tipper unitDoubel Tipper unit connection

Thanks for the inspiration, Tine!